Laser welding

LASER welding: the most advanced technology

CUSTOM3D offers the welding service using the most advanced technology such as LASER welding and using more classic systems such as MICROPLASMA and TIG welding also. The most appropriate technique is applied as appropriate.

We specialize in the welding of moulds, dies, medical parts (surgical material, prostheses, etc.) and in general special mechanical parts, making contributions of great precision and quality.

The laser welding system is based on the fusion of the material by means of the energy provided by a beam of laser light in a temporal space between pulses of approximately 1 µs (microsecond).

Advantages over other welding systems:

  • Allows the contribution of material with an accuracy of tenths of a millimetre
  • Welding is performed “cold”, at room temperature, the piece does not have to be heated
  • Deformation are avoided

Laser welding technique provides maximum accuracy and warranty.

Soldadura láser manual
Soldadura laser en postizo
Aportación de material con soldadura láseer


Welding system based on the fusion of materials by heating an electric arc produced at the tip of a tungsten electrode aided by a gas (usually argon) in a plasmatic state and protected by a second inert gas (usually argon) and hydrogen).

This technique concentrates the gas focus much more, which reduces the impact zone, allows greater precision and, therefore, thinner cords can be made than can be done with TIG welding.

In the 90 degrees edges allows welding finishes without the classic “bites.”

It is a technique that combines precision and economy.

TIG welding

This system is based on the fusion of the materials by means of an electric arc produced at the tip of a tungsten electrode and protected by an inert gas (usually argon and helium).

The cords produced by this system are very resistant and less sensitive to corrosion, precisely because of the protection to the oxygen inlet that the inert gas gives to the electric arc.

This technique allows large contributions of material.

It is ideal for large volume fillings.

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