Laser engraving

Laser engraving service

The laser engraving system is based on the walk of a laser beam for an established area, getting evaporate the material where it impacts.

It should be noted that you can give the necessary depth.

The quantity of passes of the laser beam is what determines the depth of the engraving. Which allows us to define two types of engraving:

  • Laser engraving without depth (few passes), in the line of microns (μm). En este caso se quema superficialmente el material. In this case the material is superficially burned. This type of engraving is called ‘marked’ or ‘marking’.
  • Laser engraving with depth (much passes), in the line of tenths of a millimetre or even millimetres. In this case the material is eroded. This type of engraving can be both in negative (low relief) and in positive (high relief).

At CUSTOM3D we offer the laser engraving service through the use of two technologies:

  • Laser engraving for all types of metals by fiber laser.
  • Laser engraving and cutting for plastic, methacrylate, leather, cardboard, etc. by CO2 laser.

In addition, because of laser beam diameter could be until 0.02 mm (20 μm) it can be got a high definition engraving.

Laser engraving applications

The applications of the two technologies are multiple

Industrial and mechanical field

Design of jewelry pieces and decorative elements

Building and machinery signage

Marketing campaings

Personalized or ’customized’ designs