Laser engraving of metals

Laser engraving service on metals

Fibre’s laser is the ideal system to perform laser engraving on metals. We refer to all types of metals: steel, iron, aluminium, copper, titanium, gold, silver, etc.

This type of system allows to give the engraving the necessary height, both in negative (the engraved drawing is inside) and in positive (the engraved drawing is embossed). And to make a superficial engraving (or a superficial marking).

In CUSTOM3D the fibre laser system that we use also allows us to make engravings in areas with curvature, which is a type of 3D laser engraving.

2D laser engraving is the basic engraving. That is, a 2D drawing can be engraved by giving it a specific depth (under relief) or engraving the adjacent area to that drawing leaving it with a specific height (high relief).

3D laser engraving is what allows to engrave a 2D drawing on curved surfaces and/or make engravings of 3D drawings (solids). In the first case we mean to engrave a 2D drawing on a 3D surface. In the second case we talk about getting a 3D drawing on a flat surface or even on a curved surface.

In other words, for both markings and engravings and markings can be made in four ways:

  • A 2D drawing projected onto a flat surface, the basic engraving
  • A 2D drawing projected onto a non-flat surface, or a 2D drawing projected into a 3D
  • A 3D drawing projected onto a flat surface
  • A 3D drawing projected onto a non-flat surface, or a 3D drawing projected on a 3D surface

In the last 3 cases we talk about 3 types of 3D laser engraving.


The applications are multiple and varied

Mechanical industrial design

Moulds, dies, and any special mechanical piece

Technical design

Jewelry, medals, awards, marketing campaigns, …

Signage, technical machine specifications

Mechanics, hospitality material, surgical material, laboratory


Motorcycles, collecting, commemorative plates, and others