3D scanning

Generate the point cloud

The fourth service we offer is the 3D scanning of objects or pieces.

3D scanning is a technology that allows the creation of a 3D drawing in solid format from the reference offered by the exploration of an object. This technology is possible thanks to a beam of laser light (pattern) that allows, among other things, to calculate the distance of the object (model) with respect to the scanner machine and to a pre-set initial point (0,0,0). The geometric samples of the surface of a piece, such as its vertices, edges or faces, make it easier for these technological devices to generate a cloud of points of said relevant areas of the scanned body.

Create the three-dimensional drawing

Subsequently, the reproduction process uses these points to extrapolate the shape of the object to a software, which integrates the general coordinates of the model into a common reference system, resulting in a process known as alignment. Depending on the complexity of the scanned object, its distance and the amount of detail that you want to extract from the surface, the 3D scan must be repeated, applying readings in different directions.

Next, a geometric approximation of the point cloud is sought in order to eliminate redundancies in the area of ​​overlap between the surfaces, a process known as integration. From here, the 3D model in triangular mesh format, STL, is reconstructed.

Finally, through various software applications, the triangular mesh can be manipulated and, if necessary, converted into terms of IGES or STP format (the latter can also be identified with ISO 10303). Files to exchange CAD / CAM data.

3D scanning utility

The main utility is to obtain a 3D drawing of pieces of which we have neither data nor drawing, but we do have the physical piece, the final piece.